Hario V60 Recipe

The Hario V60 pour-over.

A common brewing method amongst coffee enthusiasts and one of my personal favorites. The Hario V60 is perfect for a newbie to the coffee world. Its ease of use, brewing quality, and quick and painless cleanup make it perfect for anyone looking to have a simple great cup of coffee. Ultimately the thing to remember when brewing any cup of coffee is take your time; I forget to do that all the time. A V60 is supposed to take around 3-3:30 minutes to brew, so don’t rush it. The time it takes will be well worth it in the end. The one down-fall related to the v60 is that it’s a single cup brewer – which for me (drinking 20 cups a day) causes a problem.

To begin you will need:
  • Hario V60 Dripper
  • Hario Cone paper filters #2
  • A mug or glass beaker (the glass beaker more for the visuals, it does add an extra item to clean, however)
  • A timer
  • A gram scale
  • A spoon or something to stir with
  • 500 g Filtered water
  • A Kettle set to 205 degrees
  • 23 grams of your favorite coffee – ground to a medium-fine grind. (On a Bunn burr grinder we use a “notch left of auto drip.” On our home grinder, a Baratza Virtuoso, I’ve found 10-12 to be the range I prefer the most. I usually go with 12.)
Once you have all of those items ready, it’s time to start brewing.

1. First things first, heat the water up to 205 degrees in your kettle.

2. While the kettle is heating, place the cup/beaker on top of the scale, and the V60 on top of the cup/beaker. 

3. Take the #2 cone paper filter and fold it at the seam.

4. Open the filter and place it into the V60 dripper.


5. Once the water is heated, rinse the filter by pouring the heated water over, leaving no dry spots on the paper. This removes any residual paper taste while also preheating your V60 and drinking vessel.

6. Toss the water you just used to rinse your filter into the sink, place your v60 back onto your cup, and zero out your scale.


7. Measure out 23g of coffee grounds into your filter, and gently shake to create a level coffee bed. img_6915.jpg

8. Zero out your scale.

9. Start your timer once you start step #10.

10. Starting in the center and in a slow, circular motion, pour 46 grams of water over the grounds, making sure the water does not touch the filter and that none of the grounds are left dry.


11. Let it bloom for 40-45 seconds.


12. Gently pour again in a circular motion until the scale reads 150 grams.


13. Stir. Clockwise. Roughly 3-5 times. (Optional)

14. Gently pour again in a circular motion until the scale reads 250 grams.


15. Stir. Clockwise. Roughly 3-5 times. (Optional)

16. Gently pour again in a circular motion until the scale reads 350 grams.


17. Stir again, 3 times. (Optional)

18. Let the water finish dripping through the coffee. The second the “pool” of water is absorbed, remove the entire v60 vessel and place it on a paper towel, on another cup, the sink, etc.


What remains in the filter was best described to me as “wet brownies.” You want it to look shiny and smooth and have an even bed height. 

What now sits in your cup is liquid gold. Clean, crisp, refreshing, liquid gold.

(Disclaimer: it will actually be brown, not gold. But it’ll be worth its weight in gold.)

(Disclaimer: it will probably not actually be worth its weight in gold on a monetary scale, but an emotional one for sure.)


This recipe can be used with a different single cup dripper if a V60 is not available to you. Also, cheaper coffee alternatives can be substituted, but not recommended. A recipe for pre-ground coffee will be posted in the near future.



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