Husband Appreciation

Let’s give a shoutout to the husband of the day – Mine.

B has been in my life for about three years, almost to the date. He’s grown so much in that time. When I met him, he was this care-free hippie dude who was gentle and quiet. His silence and lingering mystery made me want to pick on him – just to get him to open up. At the time I had no idea that he was the guy I was going to spend my life with, but I’m so glad that I get to.

He’s incredibly patient, which you have to be to deal with me. I have been going through health problems which not only affect my body, but they affect my mental health, my self-image, and my energy levels. He stands by me during all of those issues and continues to tell me that I am beautiful, that I am strong, and that he will always be with me.

Our schedules have changed a lot this semester, and we don’t get to spend much real quality time together because of it. So he goes out of his way to buy me something nice (because receiving gifts is one of my love languages), and he lets me read my English homework out loud to him (which is sometimes 30+ pages) because he knows I have trouble focusing as I read. He goes to the grocery store and makes sure we have food in our fridge. He wakes up early to watch his soccer games so it doesn’t take time away from us on the weekends. He lets me sleep in a little each morning by letting me text him which outfit I’d like to wear at school that day, and then he brings it to me (even the ridiculous accessories). He takes care of our pups, making sure they’re fed and watered, and they have clean potty pads out for the time we’re away at work and school.

He lets me cry when I need to, and laughs with me when I realize how ridiculous it is that I’m crying over the weight of my teardrops (true story). He literally lets me turn on the bedroom light as I get ready in the morning (while he’s still trying to sleep). Then I usually sit on him (not in a cute way either; like I sit on him like he’s a sofa) before I leave for work – for a least four minutes because I’m lazy and I want to cuddle instead of going to work, but I can’t cuddle, or I’ll fall asleep so I just sit on him.

He lets me plan out the dinners we’re going to have nine months in advance and actually get’s on board with whatever I choose, knowing full well that we’ll end up forgetting I made the list of dinners within a month. He brags about me to every. single. girl. that gives him the look. Like he goes out of his way to make sure people know he’s married. He lets me be mean when I really feel like I have some negative energy to get out of my system. He takes my sarcasm like a champ and hardly ever lets his feelings get hurt by it.

He strongly supports my vision for life. He lets me decorate how I want to, paint how I want to, style his hair how I like it. He puts his preferences on the back burner if he sees that there is something different that I would prefer. He always puts me first. Always. Sometimes it breaks my heart how often he puts me before himself because I’m always his first thought. And I don’t think I’m that selfless. But I know that I’m lucky. Scratch that. I know that I’m blessed.

So I just wanted to take a second and acknowledge a few of the things my husband does that makes me feel loved. That’s all.

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